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Phone : 98-913-1690901

Company : nemachin

Address : habibabad, esfahan, (Zip/Postal:) Iran

Country : Iran

City : Esfahan

Fax : 0098-311-5511771


Description : 1-History : Nema Chin brick plant , located in Isfahan province , was established in 1991 (1370) in order to produce different types of brick . the factory has received its operation license and now it has become one of the best brick plants in Iran.Using in intelligent management system and experienced skilled personnel has caused the factory to have a high efficiency and to draw international attention.2- Nema chin brick plant is established in an area of 25000 square meters and is located at kilometer 6 to Isfahan.The plant consists of a large production line which is equipped with modern machineries.3- This factory has assigned over 700 square meters to installations and buildings. It manufactures various types of outside and floor bricks with the best quality.4- Nema Chin brick plant believes in " Best quality , Best choice" and binds itself to follow national and international standards by its quality management system.5- Nema chin brick plant , as the largest unit of outside brick manufacturer in Iran, try to meet customers needs by direct contact and also by the way of hundreds of its representatives in the country and abroad.
Industry :
  • Agriculture
  •    ∟ Agricultural Greenhouses
  •    ∟ Fertilizer
  •      ∟ Compound Fertilizer
  •      ∟ Plant Food
  •    ∟ House Plants
  •    ∟ Mini Plants
  •    ∟ Outdoor Plants
  •    ∟ Plant & Animal Oil
  •      ∟ Camellia Oil
  •      ∟ Other Plant & Animal Oil