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Phone : 98-21-22692104

Company : Hooraraman

Address : Shariati St Tehran, Tehran

Country : Iran

Fax : 98-21-22692554

Website : www.hooraraman.com


Description : Hoor Araman Aria Company started its business in 2012 . This company is active in the field of export and import of wide variety of merchandise and has started its activity by importing vehicles as well as exporting of cement ,mineral water, chocolate and any other food products and at present time is focused on competitive products such as date,fish,quail,turkey,poultry,eggs,cake,biscuit and potato chips. This company mostly exports to neighbors and has had remarkable achievements in entering the regional markets. Hooraman aria has stabilized its brands named Hoora & Hooraman with the goal of sustainable development in regional countries And by establishing a distribution company in Iraq and Afghanistan consonant with company`s strategy, has distributed its exclusive products. Horda Company controls the distribution of Iraq Kurdistan with 12 staffs and 4 trucks and cools stores warehouses in Erbil and Soleymanieh .and has exported tons of eating products to Iraq market. This company considers countries such as east and central Asia. And European markets … and all the new markets,as a major step by establishing a representative and distributive centre in afqanistan.
Services : Food & Beverage, Dried Food, Date, Mazafati, Kalouteh, Zahedi