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Description : This Transformer is used in Boiler operations. Input voltage 220/230V and output voltage O-SKV, 0-7.5KV, 0-10K , SKV-O-SKV, 7.5KV-0-7.5KV with a capacity of 30 mA max load, available enclosed type only. Auto transformer This transformer used for the instruments and equipment operating at a different voltage from the system volts. Available open and enclosed type, for any capacity and voltage. (ie 110Vl220 or 220/110V). Motor starter Auto Transformer Three phase auto transformer is for short time loadings only, to start the motor with taps at SO%, 60%, 80% of voltages. Open type for smaller capacities and enclosed type of higher capacities are available. Isolation transformers The input and output for voltages are same and there will be an electrostatic shield to earth between input and output to eliminate the interruptions of the system voltage. This includes 100VA to 2KVA capacities. Site Transformers In construction site, the equipments and tools are compelled to operate at 110Volts as safety concern. For this application, we provide transformers 2KVA to 2S KVA capacity. These are available in 3 phase and single phase input of different voltages and output as 110 volts (55V-55V) with centre tap earthed to half the potential risk. All these transformers are enclosed type in sheet metal enclosures, Strong enough thick sheets are used with best finished (powder coated) visible colors. Sockets for 16A andl 32A 3 pins are provided as per the customers demand. One MCB on input side and MCB for each sockets are there to protect overload of the tools and transformers. Entry cable gland for input supply is provided
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