968-829449 / Dhofar Environmental Safety & Services Co LLc

Phone : 968-829449

Company : Dhofar Environmental Safety & Services Co LLc

Address : Oman

Country : Oman


Description : We are importer of agrochemicals,Fertilizers, industrial chemicals & distributores in the region.

We are having bentonite, Berrite pulverizing Unit at Gujarat, India & marketting in Oman & neighbouring countries....

We are having Salt manufacturing Unit at Gujarat, India & can provide any type & big volume of all type of salt...

Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Bentonite, Berite, Salt, Agricultural Chemicals &Amp; Fertilizers, Safety Items, Industrial Chemicals
Services : bentonite, berite, salt, agricultural chemicals & fertilizers, safety items, industrial chemicals