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Company : Alsafi Danone

Address : Olaya, Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Country : Saudi Arabia

Postcode : 10525

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Description : In 1979, Royal Prince Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Faysal initiated the Al Safi Project by establishing the farm in Sahbaa valley, Kharj region � 120 kilometers southeast of Riyadh. In addition to covering the entire range of the dairy foods industry, which includes rearing cattle and yielding raw milk, the farm has also established an integrated private factory. This factory processes and packs fresh milk, long life milk, as well as its various subsidiaries. By March 1981, the combination of the factory, advanced farming techniques and importation of 6, 500 heads of cattle from the finest cowherds in the world were the factors that prompted Al Safi to begin in the commercial trade of its products. Today, the Al Safi Dairy factory enjoys a well-respected and global reputation, and is considered as one of the most advanced dairy farms in the world. Moreover, according to the Guinness World Book of Records [1998 edition], Al Safi is internationally recognized as the largest integrated dairy farm in the world. It covers approximately 3, 500 hectares of land and employs an around-the-clock 1, 400 workforce. Furthermore, in 1973, the Danone group became the largest nutrition company in Europe after it decided to enter into diversified partnerships and mergers with small and large companies that comprised of various commercial aspects. These strategic moves strengthened the group and helped it greatly improve its goodwill on both a local and international scale. In 1986, Danone was able to purchase General Biscuits � a group of companies working in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and Italy. In 1993, Danone established its position and subsequent move toward globalization. Danone proved that its product ranges were exclusive and of exceptional quality, particularly fresh dairy products, biscuits and water. Its product manufacturing spread to 30 countries around the world, resulting in revenues of 83.9billion French francs in 1996. Today, as the number one posi
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Milk, Yougurt, Sheese, Liban
Services : milk, yougurt, sheese, liban