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Description : Dear Valued Client, For several years now, IMTES have been focused on integrating value and quality within a wide range of product line to the Iron & Steel market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This year we are looking forward to focus on Spare part for iron and steel factories, billet, heavy profile, train rail, pig iron and elevator cabin rail. As a well experienced team in place and we manage to bring the best and most up to date solutions as we have a broad view of the market allowing us to provide our valued clients the core value of best return on investment ratio and to overcome the outstripping of your budget hurdle that most organizations deal with on regular basis. It pleases IMTES to introduce a new world of Quality through Iron & Steel Products and services as shown below: Iron & Steel Products from Turkey 1.KARDEMIR 1.1 Train Rail 2.2 Heavy Profile 3.3 Billet 4.4 Pig Iron 2. AYGUNSAN 2.1 Elevator Cabin Rail 2.2 Elevator Counterweight Rail 3. EMAS 3.1. Railway Fastening System 4. SPARE PART FOR IRON AND STEEL FACTORIES 4.1 Manufacturing all parts related to iron and steel factories as spare part 4.2 Genuine parts related to iron and steel parts 4.3 Establishment of iron and steel factory At last, it would please us to meet with you in the near future to get your opinion on how the performance of certain brands you had used in the past to help us defining our offerings to the market in a better way; and to discuss the outline of your future plans for iron & steel products requirements and to analyze the current issues of performance that we can assist you with. For more details please contact me @ 0530 160 063 or ***** With Best Regards, Mohammed Salimoddin Business Development Manager- Middle East
Locality : Turkey
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