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Phone : 93-799499170

Company : Kamil Farid Group (Edible Oil & Cotton)

Address : Other, Afghanistan

Country : Afghanistan

Mobile : 93-799499170


Description : Kamil Farid Groupof company is registered with AISA in 2012 under the license number D-04-761, The Company is located at Shorandam Industrial Park of Kandahar province. The business of the company is involved in processing of raw cotton, and its seed which mostly purchases from Helmand and Kandahar provinces through some intermediaries and/or local traders, and then the company supplies the purchased raw cotton to the processing center in Kandahar city. The final products of the company are cotton and cotton seed oil. Cleaned & white cotton fiber sells to the national and international market, while the edible oil and cotton cake supplies to the local and regional markets . The company is equipped with ginning mill that separate the seed from cotton; further the seed is pressed by two machines (oil press) and produce oil and seed cake for animal feed.

Production Capacity
Kamil FaridGroup cotton processing company has 3 gin machines which have the capacity to process 24.5 Ton raw cotton/Day, The condenser machine capacity is 6 Ton processed cotton/day. The capacity of double press bale machine is 5-8 Ton/day, and the two oil extracting machines which have the capacity of 770-1000 Kg oil, and 5.5 Ton seed cake/day. This is a normal 8 hours working.
Note: If we work on 2 shifts our work capacity will be doubled. If market is finding to our products we will install new machinery and the capacity of our product will be higher.

Locality : Shorandam Industrial Park Kandahar, AF
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Cotton, Edible Oil &Amp; Cotton Cake
Services : cotton, edible oil & cotton cake