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Description :   Butit may not always be safe to drink.you should be aware..
The quality of drinking water supplied through contaminated water supply lines  inthe district is causing diseases like Diseases:
Diarrhea,Hepatitis B & C and all kindof  Digestive discard,ittehad Enterprisesinstalled a drinking water plant in a Bacteria Free Environment,Meeting all the international Standard like PSQCA,who provides guidelines for quality drinking water.the rawwater which originates from the deep cruse of Earch is purified in a  multi step process like sandfiltration,activated  Carbon filtration,jumbofiltration,reverse Osmosis system and sterilized and disinfected through ultraviolet sterilization and ozonation to get excellent and pure quality water..
OUR product mineral water ...

19Litter bottles  
6litter  bottles                    
1 ½ Litter bottles
 500ML bottles 

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