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Description : Antons Video Productions Broadcast Non-Linear Digital Video Editing Editing Master For Non Liner Editing On High Tech Machines.Also PhotoGrapher, Also Cd Mastering Cd Copy Video Editing Digital Video Production House Inclusions: Voiceover Booth with AKG Mic and Symetrix Compressor. Various VCR's for capture and recording, including D9, Betacam SP, U-Matic SP, U-Matic, S-VHS, DV, DVCAM, DVD, DVD-R, VHS. (NTSC formats also accepted from DV, DVCAM, DVD, DVD-R and VHS) All analogue video tape players include Time Base Correctors with Digital Noise Reduction to ensure the cleanest digital signal capture Beginners Guide To Digital Video Production Instructional Videos for DV Editing and Mini-DV Camcorders Featuring branded's "Premiere Pro" Editing Software * digital video moviemaking * computer editing * digital camcorders * independent (low-budget) filmmaking Atiyaf Digital Video/Production
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Services : news services