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Industry : quarries,TUBA,Own
Description : 1. Company Profile: We are group of three companies jointly into operation of granite mining , processing and marketing the same. Our companies are 1.International Stone Company (India) (Which is a ISO 9002 for quality) 2. Sarash World wide Export Pvt Ltd. 3.Topglo Corporation. Till now, we are concentrating mainly on Fareast and other European countries. We have our own quarries and factories.Since, we can not own all the quarries existing in India, and we fund other quarries which are not owned by us to get priority in supplies. We have factory which manufactures artifacts and tombstone in Tiruvallur near Chennai. For slabs and tiles, we lease factories own by state government for our use. This is because the quarries are spread over number of states. It will be difficult to bring all the stone in particular center to process slabs and tiles. We lease factories which is near to the quarry for our own use, depends on the job we have. In this way, we avoid transportation time of blocks, cost of transportation and other expenses. The factories where we processed slabs and tiles has the latest Italian machines which is known for its quality and finish. The factory which we own in Chennai has the latest Japanese and Italian machines. 2. Export Capability: We are in export, for a longer period exporting various product s like agro, leather garments, marine products, granite and marble. It is not a problem for us to handle any volume. 3 . Minimum Order: Minimum order should be for atleast 2 or 3 containers for finished products. 4. Delivery Time: Delivery time depends on your volume. 5. Sample:  &n bsp; We will able to supply the samples on your request. We do not charge anything for the samples. 6. Unit Price: We are enclosing our price list for the same. We don? have AUBA TUBA.
Category : quarries,TUBA,Own
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