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Phone : 91-171-4005584

Company : Samyak International

Address : 2580/29, Subhash Park Road, Ambala Cantt, Haryana-, (Zip/Postal:133001) India

Country : India

City : Chandigarh

Fax : 0091-171-2643492


Description : We introduce "SAMYAK INTERNATIONAL" established in 2003 as a nascent company backed by more than three decades of manufacturing experience in the field of Scientific Equipment and Laboratory ware. Ambala being the hub of Scientific Goods Manufacturers, and with the support of local commercial partners "SAMYAK" endeavors to make available the comprehensive range of Scientific equipment, instruments and lab ware of high quality at the lowest economic prices. While we focus on the Education, Laboratory and Healthcare markets, we can also engage in other related areas and Our Customers can be assured of our long term commitment for quality and our ability to complete the orders well in time. As our current catalogue is under print, which we will send you on completion. For your ready reference our product list as follows: PRODUCT LIST FOR SAMYAK INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS: HEAT- Calorimeters, Thermal conductivity Apparatus, Latent Heat of Steam, Metal & Wood Cubes, Convection in Air and water, Expansion of Metal & Liquids, Ring & Ball, Bar Gauge, Boyle's Law and Charles Law etc. MECHANICS- Single, double & triple pulleys, table clamping pulleys, Moment of Inertia, Co-efficient of Friction & Restitution, Parallelogram Law of Forces, Hook's Law, Young's Modulus, Inclined Planes, Mechanical Models showing the working of mechanisms, Linear Air Track Apparatus etc. LIGHT- Spectrometers, Spectroscopes, Traveling Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Overhead Projectors, Epidiascopes, Optical Benches, Light Boxes, Ray Track Apparatus, Lenses & Prisms made of glass as well as acrylic plastic, Optical Fiber Kits, Laser Kits, Lux Meters, Spectrum Tubes, X-Ray Tubes & Giessler Tubes etc. ELECTRICITY- Rheostats; Resistance, Inductance & Capacitance boxes ; Ammeters, Voltmeters & Galvanometers; Worcester Circuit Boards; Wheatstone Bridges, Potentiometers; Plugs and Keys; Dissectible Transformers, Power Supplies, Solen
Industry :
  • Chemicals
  •    ∟ Lab Supplies
  •      ∟ Centrifuge Tubes
  •      ∟ Laboratory Clamps
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies
  •    ∟ Power Supplies
  •      ∟ AC&DC Adapters
  •      ∟ Other Power Supplies