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Industry : Chilled Rolls
Description :   Jai Bharat Castings crave your indulgence to introduce itselves as the frontline integrated player in chilled cast iron rolls industry, are manufacturing & exporting high quality chilled cast iron rolls for roller flour mills, oil mills & food stuff applications and serve the all possible needs of non-ferrous milling industry and serving the national & international market for the same from last 36 years   Jai Bharat Castings, manufactures roller flour mill rolls with horizontal double layer centrifugal spin casting, chilled rolls for flour mills are manufactured hollow with straight bores fitted with forged en-8 steel spindle, and these smooth rolls can be polished, corrugated or grooved on demand   C. I. Chilled Rolls manufactured by Jai Bharat Castings are made for high peripheral speed roller flour mills therefore these chilled rolls manufactured dynamically balanced, due to our advance centrifugal casting technique, lighter impurities like oxides & gas float more quickly towards the center of rotation from molten metal, where they can easily removed, hence this process produced ideal rolls for non-ferrous application which gives clearer working outer surface along with homogeneous hardness ensuring longer life of rolls       Mueen Sheikh (ED Marketing) marketing@chilledrolls.com
Email : marketing@chilledrolls.com
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Services : Chilled Rolls
Services : chilled rolls