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Description : Established : The group was founded in middle of the 19th century. ( History ) Our consistent focus on research activities since our inception has lead to dynamic creation of New Talc grades more suited to meet the current & future requirements of end users market. In our quest to deliver the best, we have successfully carved out a niche in global high end talc solutions market. To deliver quality products of International Standards, We have state of art ISO 9001:2000 Manufacturing facilties located in city of lakes Udaipur(Raj.). Which in turn is integrated to our ISO 14001:2006 Certified captive mines spread across three mining zones covering an area of 532.6 Hectares in Southern Rajastahan yielding around 2 lacs MT of crude and our Plant Setup at Udaipur is producing 1 lac MT of Talc Powder. The behaviour of any given ore is constantly monitored to ensure stability of physical and chemical characteristics. After extraction, further sorting is done by skilled and practiced workers to ensure ore purity and stability. The company firmly believes that scientific mining and environmental protection go hand in hand. Steps are, therefore, taken to ensure effective short-term and long-term measures to protect the environment. The process of mining starts with surveys conducted by skilled geological surveyors, who identify the veins of talc. Bases on this information, our experienced engineers prepare mine plans to ensure that the crude is extracted in its best geological form. Veins located by surveyors are authenticated by the latest methods, such as deep hole drilling and once confirmation is received mining starts. The entire process is mechanized-excavators, dumpers, down-the hole drilling machines are used along with a well developed blasting practice. A fleet of well cleaned and maintained dumpers are used to transport ore with different qualities separately, for ore sorting and stockyards. As talc is a natural material, constant vigilance and pre processing ensures a uniform end product. Ore received from mines is analaysed for whiteness and important elements of chemical composition from time to time. The ore is blended to achieve the exact desired properties and then stored in the feed silo for further processing . It is then ground to the desired particle size distribution. During the grinding process, online quality checks are conducted by drawing periodic samples to ensure consistency on various parameters by laboratory tests at the site. Quality is further ensured by random sampling from packed material approved by the quality assurance cell. This powder is conveyed to bagging machines where it is packed and sent to loading point. The talc powder is packed in PP, HDPE or paper bags as per customer requirements. Quality at Golcha is ensured by a two-tier quality management system. Well-equipped laboratories at grinding units and the central laboratory work in tandem to guarantee the quality of all products. Sophisticated grinding mills and pulverisers operate under the constant surveillance of experienced supervisors to ensure quality at all times. The Research and Development (R&D) personnel keep quality checks are carried out at every stage of the production process by regular monitoring of samples and laboratory test. Modification in existing grinding system to minimize dust, reduce energy consumption with better control on particle size. Development of high efficiency cyclones & Classification systems. Process developed to achieve desired particle size, shape & Rheology modification of powder for Plastics, Paints & Paper applications. Developmental activity in process of production of Nano Talc and its stabilization. We have a team of young & enthusiast- sales professional under our various group company Associated Soapstone Distribution Company Pvt. Ltd. to serve domestic markets & needs of global markets of Talc is catered by Golcha Associated Exports. We would like to thank our customers all across the globe for keeping strong sense of faith in us and presence to deliver their best in the industry.
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Services : Soapstone Powder
Services : talc for paints , paper, rubber, cosmetics