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Company : Al-Naseer Exports, India

Address : 47 Abul Fazal Apptts., 22 Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi, India

Country : India

Postcode : 110096

Fax : 91-11-22620708

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Description : Al-Naseer Exports is a trusted and leading name in Bufflalo Meat Food Processing Industry and Processed Bufflalo Meat Food Export Industry. It is one among the leading giants in Bufflalo Meat Food Processing Industry with past experience of successfully launching and carrying on processing of Buffalo Meat .It has processed Bufflalo Meat food for Export Houses/Industries, the processed Bufflalo Meat is packed and is exported. It has the requisite know how and flare to export processed Bufflalo Meat food. Today Al-Naseer Export's is a leader within their segment for processing, cleaning, deboning and cold storage or freezing at -40 degrees temperature. Al-Naseer Exports has in-depth understanding of importers/consumers psyche/needs through research and development and a passion to excel has helped Al-Naseer Exports to achieve the top most position in the processing, cleaning, deboning and freezing of Buffalo Meat.

Al-Naseer Exports' greatest strength is its people who have worked towards making the presence of Al-Naseer Exports felt, throughout the country and in the export industry all over the world through a strong research and development work in the field of cleaning, deboning, processing and hygienic packaging for the betterment of Bufflalo Meat export and end consumer to feel the taste of fresh buffalo Bufflalo Meat and consume the same in the delicacies without the fear of any health hazards.

At Al-Naseer Exports, success is a habit where greater heights are scaled through end consumer insight, sound business practices, processing and packaging with the focus on the end consumer…

Al-Naseer Exports is people friendly organization. At Al-Naseer Exports, the employees are the best resources and assets for the growth of the organization. Its Human Resource Development team shall play a strategic role in the growth of the company by recruiting and retaining the best talent available. Its employees constitute an excellent knowledge bank with tremendous skilled and abilities in the required areas.

Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Frozen Buffalo Meat
Services : frozen buffalo meat