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Phone : 91-11-41633598

Company : Ashanjali

Address : E 69 GK 1, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Country : India

Postcode : 110048

Fax : 91-11-42542341

Mobile : 0091-9810110214

Website : www.ashanjali.com


Description : We are a company dedicated to art � our aim is to bring to light exclusive works of art and offer them to art lovers and collectors, and all those who want to make art a part of their lives. Our site exhibits beautiful works of art, whether it be paintings, curios, garments, home furnishings or jewellery, and we to make all this easily available to anyone who is interested. As connoisseurs and collectors of art we would like to bring to you, our buyers, high quality, genuine crafts created by talented artists. We have travelled far and wide in search for artists who are God gifted, but live anonymous lives in remote villages. As lovers of fine art we have a commitment to our contributing artists. We would like to help improve their lives at the basic level. We aim to achieve this by promoting local handicrafts and cottage industries, and a part of the proceeds of our sale will go to the betterment of the poor but talented artisans. We request all our visitors to join hands and make this endeavour a success.
Category : Business Type:Trading
Services : Ladies Tops And Scarves, Cushions, Paintings
Services : ladies tops and scarves, cushions, paintings