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Company : CEPAS INC.


Country : Turkey


Description : CEPAS INC. CEPAS INC. is one of the leading companies in Turkey that has been active since 2003. Production of traffic and road safety, lighting poles, OHTL energy transmission line towers, steel construction and hot dip galvanize contracting. With its existing capacity and fully modern machineries CEPAS INC. is in the top 3 steel processing companies in Turkey and getting better day by day in European Steel Market. CEPAS INC. is the one of the biggest steel processing companies in Turkey and with its market share which is increasing daily. Quality Management System Certificates - RAL RG 620 German - DIN 18800 - CE - ISO 9001:2008 - Conformity with Turkish Standard Institute - OHSAS 18001:2007 - ISO 14001:2004 - ISO 9001:2008 Product Groups CEPAS INC.'s main activity is production of hot dip galvanized steel products for various applications. The product range of CEPAS can be classified as follows. a) GUARDRAIL SYSTEMS INCL. BRIDGE HANDRAILS & CABLE BARRIER SYSTEMS b) OHTL ENERGY TRANSMISSION LINE TOWERS (LATTICE STRUCTURES, MONOPOLES & TUBULAR) c) HIGH MAST LIGHTING d) POLYGONAL STEEL STREET LIGHTING POLES e) TAPERED ROUND CONICAL STEEL STREET LIGHTING POLES f) HOT-DIP GALVANIZ CONTRACTING g) GSM TOWERS & POLES h) STEEL CONSTRUCTION MANUFACTURING i) TRAFFIC SIGNBOARDS, BILLBOARD AND CAMERA SURVEILLANCE POLES etc. j) SPECIAL PURPOSES POLES FLAG, WIND ENERGY and POWER PLANT POLES etc.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Energy Transmission Line Tower, Ohl, Lattice Towers, Pole, Monopole, Steel Pole, Crash Barriers, Guardrail, Street Lighting Poles, Handrails, Steel Construction
Services : energy transmission line tower, ohl, lattice towers, pole, monopole, steel pole, crash barriers, guardrail, street lighting poles, handrails, steel construction