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Country : Turkey

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Description : All European countries, Canada and the USA-export surplus production from the cancellation of orders, such as the combined margin to operate import and export of quality products. products of groups; for the use of almost all sectors of filtration materials (industrial filter paper air-fuel-oil filter, pollen filter, panel and cartridge filter, hepa filter used in the production of raw materials, dust bag filter SMS, SMMS, melt blown, pot of tea bag filter paper and hygiene products used in the sector, etc.), textile fabrics (spunlace, sponbond, thermabond, thermo, paper interlining - non woven adhesive interlining and other species) hairdressing supplies (disposable head towel, network, paper, etc.) roll and sheet-fed offset - packing paper, self-adhesive label paper rolls and sheets, thermal paper, raw materials used in the medical sector (duplex - triplex-repellent non woven absorbent groups,
mask, paper, cloth, doctor-patient gowns raw materials), diapers and sanitary napkin raw materials used in the production of
( air laid ,vet laid ,hydro jet,textile back sheet,pe li rulolar) opp , cpp , polyester ,
p le, plastic rolls, movies, internal paper wipes, pet-alu-pe, soup, triplex rolls, toilet paper,
The raw materials used in the production of towels and napkins are located.
In response to demand for imports and exports of other product groups is also possible.
Locality : Tuzla-Istanbul
Category : Business Type:Distributors/Wholesalers
Services : Products Available: All Kind Of Papers, Tissues, Baby Diapers, Sanitary Napkins, Filter Papers, Teabag Filters, Napkins, Medical Nonwoven, Medical Masks, Shoe Covers, Gant, Hospital Dressing, And So On
Services : products available: all kind of papers, tissues, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, filter papers, teabag filters, napkins, medical nonwoven, medical masks, shoe covers, gant, hospital dressing, and so on