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Phone : 90-542-3653054

Company : Kusay Energy

Address : Nenehatun street 15 / A / 4 G.O.P ANKARA, T�K?YE

Country : Turkey

Fax : +90-0312-4462115

Website : www.kusayenerji.com


Description : Dear Sirs,�QUSAYY ELECTRICAL ENERGY LTD. As a company we have been domestic and foreign supply of energy and electricity products to market.�We share our experience with our customers, we produce solutions at the request of the area our experienced staff. We take the time signature with each new success. Private clients and commitment of key state institutions and the procurement of energy and electricity project delivery and project planning, we provide services for technical drawings. We offer you our professional technical staff.��We want to work with you to share our success ..�All your needs, you can get a quote from us related to the price.���The main products of our group;-Projelendir Up-technical support-Power And Distribution Transformers-Interior And Exterior Lighting-It Center-Power Transmission Line-Benzinl And Diesel Generators-Heavy -Items Panels-Power And Signal Cablesthey -?zolat-Low Voltage Switchgear-vacuum Cells-Concreted And Hair Chalets-?alt MaterialsThe UPS-mode They Cell-Cutting And Separators-Metal Clad-rm the
Services : Energy, Electricity, Energy, Electricity, energy