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Company : EMEK GROUP

Address : Turkey

Country : Turkey

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Description : Emek has been founded on 1942 as Emek Construction which started the business on the construction area and growed rapidly with the success and quality in time and moved to other sectors , opened other firms such as Emek Real Estate, Emek Tourism, Emek Automotive and Emek Pres which has been working on real estate, tourism, automotive and industry areas. USLU family has been very successful with the name of EMEK, the last and the biggest investment of USLU family is on the industry area. Emek Pres has started the business with a factory which was built on 4000 m2 land in 2003, growed very fast because of passion and dynamic and young team that has been working that caused the success story. The customer portfolio that has been growing pushed USLU family to search for bigger production areas and purchase machines which will produce items faster with better quality. The management has decided to built a huge factory on 2006. In the short time, 6000 m2 of the 26.000 m2 factory has been completed and the production has started on the first level of the factory. It has been announced that the second level of the factory which is 17000 m2 with 3000 m2 plaza will be completed on April 2008 and the production will be started on the second level. Emek management has decided to have 100.000 m2 production area by constructing the second factory which will be 80.000 m2 in land that will be completed on 2012. Emek is moving on the right way to have endorsement of 100.000.000 Euros a year in the coming ten years. Emek Group is would like to thank for the cooperation between the customers , business partners of Emek which has helped for this success story with their support and employees and wishes that this cooperation will be long lasting.
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Services : Gsm Towers
Services : gsm towers