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Description : UMhttp://www1.tradekey.com/company/UMURLU-Food-Ind-6934625.htmlU Food Ind. is a producer and exporter of Turkish Dried Fruits since 1983. Please find below our "New Crop Bulletin" prepared especially for you to give the latest updates about the Turkish Dried Fruits. DRIED FIGS The new crop�s quantity will be announced officially within a few days but we expect to have bigger quantities than last year. According to our daily visits to the growing regions, the quality of the fruit is well but some significant variations on quality are observed ranging from area to area, depending on farmers work... Even though we expect to have all the calibers available (If the weather conditions are steady), the percentage of small fruits is likely to be much more in quantity among the whole crop than the previous years. DRIED APRICOTS The new crop is about 180.000MT. Even if the quantity seems all right, the big calibers of No.1 & No.2 are very very rare. Most of the crop is around No.4 (and smaller) and most probably No.3 will be categorized as the �big caliber apricot� this year. In addition to that, the price differences between the big caliber apricots (No.1 - No.4) seems to be more than the previous years. DRIED RAISINS SULTANAS The official quantity of the new crop is 286.000MT. The crop�s quantity and quality are both positive and the quality is notably good. It is expected to be an efficient season. GENERAL VIEW OF TURKISH ECONOMY The Turkish Lira keeps its strong position against Euro (2, 27) and US Dollar (1, 81). If the exchange rates stay steady this might have a negative effect on price levels. (Indicative forward exchange rates for October are 1 % higher than the actual rates).Banking credits interests are still expensive and they are in an increasing trend. We will be glad to collaborate with you in this upcoming season. Please contact us to learn more about our products and prices. Best Regards, UMhttp://www1.tradekey.com/company/UMURLU-Food-Ind-6934625.htmlU Food Ind. ***** Sehit Fethi Bey Cad. No: 41/804 35210 Pasaport/Izmir � TURKEY
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