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Phone : 90-532-68

Company : FarmaPlus Co.

Address : Moda Street 20/104 Kadikoy Istanbul, Turkey

Country : Turkey

Website : privatelabelworld.wix.com/english


Description : The key to success is to understand the events around the world and offer the high-tech products suitable for the demands of the time, at the right time to the market. Because of this, our products always carry the marks of high quality and innovation. We work as hard as we can for the products we develop to help humanity and the world. FarmaPlus was born because of the large need in the fast-growing World's competitive and variable markets. Due to the Internet, it is very easy to search for information in the world which has become as small as the screens in front of us. But it is equally harder to search for the right information in this data pollution. As a result, thousands of entrepreneurs sign contracts to combine the right product ? right facilities- and the right supplier everywhere in the world, all the time but very few of these new collaborations reach success. Because of this we find the right facilities and manufacturers in the fields that we are professional in, and deliver our patented, uniquely formulated and perfect products to whereever you are in the world in time. FarmaPlus is at our business partners' service in natural food supply products, non-prescription drugs, cosmetics, personal care, functional food and beverage fields. It is built upon Innovation and Total Quality Management principles, equipped with the philosophy of KaiZen (Continuous Evolution in the Good Way) which is a company ritual and the staff with 100% customer focused approach.
Services : Food & Beverage, Soft Drinks, Health & Medical, Herb Medicine, Personal Care, Skin Care, Chemicals, Plant Extract, functional drinks, dietary supplements, cosmetics