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Rising Road Blocker; is used for vehicle passing in areas that requries higher security. Rising Road Blocker; restricts vehicles up to 15 tones per axle and when brought down to groundit will not restrict the vehicle’s passing and vehicles will not be damaged.
Rising Road Blocker Dimensions can be manufactured according to the administrative contract which will requried. Standard dimensions are 1000x3000x800 mm – 1000x4000x800 mm – 1000x5000x800 mm.
The part of Road Blocker which will be remain under the ground is manufactured by 120 NPU nominal diameter, intermediate pillar’s nominal diameter is strenghened with 100 NPI and painted with satatic paint over hot deep galvanization.
A hole is formed with dimensions of Anchorage part of the Road Blockerand after leaving a space for connection cables, power unit, and evacuation space for the drain water and steam that will arise in space that moving part forms, it will be concreted with minimum C35 concrete and waited for 1 week period. It can vary upon weather and climate conditions of the region.
After manufacturing the nominal diameter for the case of the moving barrier part of Road Blocker by 120 NPU, the upper part (the part that wheels of vehicle touches) will be coreved with 10mm ST 37 quality sheet iron and after galvanization of it will be painted wtih static paint having the same colour as level crossing.
Corrosion is prevented by hinging anchorage and moving barrier part of Road Blocker from 5 points and being anchoraged with yellow brass that is cut with laser and processed in lathe.
Road Blocker; by its shock ansorbing features, internal mechanical parts are prevented for crashes that are coming from front.
The front and side covers of Road Blocker is processed modularly with 3mm ST37 iron sheet ant painted with static paint over hot deep galvanization.
The hydraulic piston and moving barrier part of Road Blocker are prevented for crashes and shocks by using 20 mm chains.
The security of the Road Blocker is established by metal perception loop sensors and infrared sensors.
After installation of Road Blocker, Operating Training will be given to minimum 5 people which will be determined by the adminitration.
SPECIFICATIONS OPERATING : 220V 50-60HZ , 380V 50-60HZ OPERATING TEMP : -25 C +60 C DURABILITY 130 C CURRENT USED : 1.2 A (For 230V), 6A (For 380V) ON / OFF CAPASITY : 1000 PER DAY IP STANDARD : IP67 VALVE : Double way 220V Celonoide PISTON : 50X500X25 Lift H.COMPRESSOOR : 90 Bar Hydrolic HOSEPIPE : 250 Bar durability MANUEL WORK : Manuel Pump TOP COVER : Fit with Level corssing Way COATING : Hot Deep Galvanized H.UNIT COVER : Elecrostatic Polyester BODY STRUCTURE IMPACT DURABILITY : %50 Breaking Probability against an impact of 500mm heightand 150000 J WEIGHT : 1100 – 1300 kg ROAD BLOCKER – BOLLARDS 80 kg CONTROL PANEL : Microprocessor or PLC Relay control OPTIONAL ACCESSORY REISTANT HEATHER : Internal Heather FLASHER : Sun Panelon top cover WARNING SIGNALS : Traffic light (red,green)

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Services : Road Blocker, Traffic Barrier, Bollards
Services : road blocker, traffic barrier, bollards