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Phone : 90-2667155353

Company : ICSAN

Address : Haci Cafer Yasbek, Bandirma, Balikesir, Turkey

Country : Turkey

Postcode : 10200

Fax : 90-7155315

Mobile : 90549-7486372

Website : www.icsan.com.tr,www.velgida.com.tr,www.enerjisan.com.tr


Description : We have three companies İCSAN A.S. , HALO A.S. and VELGİDA A.S. Their operating subject is internal and external trade sector in Turkey, Balikesir Bandirma

Icsan buys and sells all iron-steel and construction products , Halo buys and sells all kind of electric products and Velgida buys and sells all kind of food and agricultural products in the whole world.

Icsan company established at the year 2013 with the support of german partnered enterprise velutsan steel construction factory. We work on import-export sector of construction materials, and project-based businesses with 8 employee at our new office. By the expert team friends about import and export and colleague abroad companies ,also we have consultation service for you.
For the construction materials and tecnologies with different solutions we are always with you.

Our company, Velgida Gida-Tarim-Hayvancilik Ticaret San.Tic.A.S. is operating import and export sectors in Balikesir Bandirma, Turkey. In the industry which we operate, our biggest goal is high-value added, providing strong growth and sustained profitability, to create corporate leadership. At the begining, the most important issues of our company is to be ‘’ economic, fast, reliable ‘’ . Our starting point to reach our goal is, to analyze the needs of our customers and this is the right way to meet the needs in the best satisfaction by providing products and services to ensure the desired quality and time.
Our purpose is to meet your firm in the field of domestic and foreign trade, work, ensure the satisfaction of both sides, and enlarging its business volume with each passing day. During the collection offers of Velgida, bid on the products you need in our company to assess and, if you're interested, we can send the most appropriate prices and conditions, our listings price and customer portfolio, will be pleased to see you.

Our company Halo Enerji-Electric – Electronic San.Tic.A.S. is operating internal and external trade sectors in Turkey, Balikesir Bandirma
Our company buys and sells all kinds of elektronic products in the whole world. Our goal is to work with these companies in the field of internal and external trade to ensure satisfaction and business volume of both sides.

Category : Business Type:Others
Services : Cement, Rebar, Steel, Rockwool, Rice, Pasta, Tomato Paste, Edible Oil
Services : cement, rebar, steel, rockwool, rice, pasta, tomato paste, edible oil