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Company : Termosan A.S. Carisa Design Radiators

Address : GEPOSB, Ataturk Blv. No:4, Other, Turkey

Country : Turkey

Postcode : 41400

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Website : www.carisa.com.tr


Description : Termosan A.�., founded in 1973, is the story of two ambitious engineers that, after graduation in the 1960�s from Ankara Electrical Engineering Pre-qualification Department, crossed paths in Yildiz Technical University Electrical Engineering Faculty. The duo participated in many international projects in the public sector, followed by their work in the private sector. After that, they decided to found Termosan together. Today, a second generation, having grown up in the Termosan culture, has now joined the ranks of the company in critical positions. Termosan A.�. after manufacturing experience in boiler and water heaters for bathrooms, started manufacturing towel warmers in 1998. All productions were exported to many countries including the United Kingdom. In 2001, the company moved its production site to its 2000 sqm premises in Samandira and continued expanding its export markets. In 2004, Termosan added Stainless Steel radiators to its product range, bringing new ideas to the market. The market responded to the company in a very encouraging manner which has resulted in adding more values to products and creating numerous jobs. With this design concept, all of which has the registration in respective country markets, the company created a new market and in 2005, in addition to the Samandira compound, it expanded its production capacity with its 3000 sqm. premises in Pelitli/Gebze. After painstaking R&D efforts in 2007 on using aluminium in decorative radiators, Termosan A.�. presented its aluminium group to the markets. Also in 2009 and 2010 Termosan introduced its new product ranges ; drainage systems & shower enclosures. In 2010 November, after investing in a new brazing furnace and automatic painting facility, Termosan A.�. moved to its new 10.000 sqm. production site in GEPOSB/Gebze. Since 2006, Termosan has been working on automation, ERP processes, re-modelling Costing Systems and sheer production with many experts and experimenting new processes taking the costs down without giving away from its quality. With more than 20 domestic retailers in Turkey, Termosan is involved in many projects, and is the choice of many architects and established construction project companies. �Carisa design radiators�, with its slogan of �warm, aesthetic and reliable�, gathers attention at fairs and exhibitions in Turkey and internationally every year, and brings innovation, dynamism and excitement to its sector. With its 200 strong manpower Termosan is one of the first names which is mentioned with decorative radiators both in Turkey and abroad. Termosan A.�. has an aim to enter the top most exporting 500 companies within 5 years, using innovative ideas.
Locality : Istanbul
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Heating Radiators, Bathroom Radiators, Designer Radiators, Towel Warmers, Heated Towel Rails, Aluminium Radiators, Drainage Systems, Linear Shower Drains, Linear Filters
Services : heating radiators, bathroom radiators, designer radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails, aluminium radiators, drainage systems, linear shower drains, linear filters