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Company : Maia Jewelry

Address : 1717 Sok. 15/8, Izmir, Other, Turkey

Country : Turkey

Website : http://www.maiajewelry.com


Description : ~~MAIA’s large variety of jewelry items is handmade and originally designed. Taking the advantage of long experience in manufacturing, MAIA has a remarkable capacity of cost reduction, while maintaining a high level of product quality. Putting together boutique manufacturing and low price together is the core concept of our marketing, based on the idea that price should not be a frustrating factor in purchase of jewelry with both precious and semi-precious stones. Our client retailers enjoy consumer satisfaction with items among hundreds of original designs. MAIA has a strict quality policy so that the phases of production process such as gold part molding and casting, selection of diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones are performed by certified experts. The production manager is also responsible for post-production quality control. The company is cohesion of two different experiences: one comes from the partner who has been running a factory of engagement rings for 20 years and the other from the second partner who owns a retail stores chain of jewelry for 25 years which led the company to start manufacturing of high value items. Cohesion of these two experiences provides the company with a dynamic vision, including direct marketing in the world stage with both low price items and high value pieces. MAIA has established two types of manufacturing in delivery terms. One is operated by the workshop located in Izmir in collaboration with our contact office and our solution partners in Istanbul for orders to be manufactured and delivered in one week. The workshop also covers after-sale services such as modifications, alterations and repairs. The workshop in Bangkok operates manufacturing based on designs developed at the company’s headquarter by MAIA Design Studio. Staff of both workshops are in internal training continually by the production manager in order maintain the quality on new designs.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces, Pendants
Services : jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants