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Description : About us � HCMP �HCM�, Hsing Chung Molded Pulp Co., Ltd was established in 2002, produce all kinds of molded pulp tableware such as plate, bowl, lunch box, clamshell box, salad bowl sushi tray, pizza box�food container and industrial packaging for smartphone, tablet�.3C products. We are also a subsidiary of Hsing Chung Paper Making Co., Ltd. who was established in 1918 and produced newsprint paper, craft paper, simili paper, wood free paper�.. Pls refer to: ***** Accumulated Experiences �HCM� have been dealing with �Pulp� since 1918, almost 100 years till now, we are fully experienced in researching and producing for all kinds of pulp fiber products. Main Equipment 18 sets CNC milling machine centers and 2 jumbo CNC planomiller, In order and be able to produce accurate small & Large objects. We can produce all the dies, molds and machine parts rapidly and accurately by ourselves. Designing and Tooling Department We have our own designing, molding and tooling departments, we can make mold, sample and all necessary parts rapidly and accurately in our factory according to customer�s requirement before mass production. Skilled Operators & Advanced Production Machines Now we have 700 skilled operators and 108 sets advanced auto Dry-in-Mold thermoforming machines, products could be formed and dried in same machine no additional oven machine and conveyor needs, most of products which need no edge cutting could be stacked and sealed immediately upon Products been moved out automatically from thermoforming machine. Turn-key Machinery Supply Our machines are designed with flexible production capability to satisfy all the demands for innovation and variety molded pulp products and raw materials. Recognized that we are the leading total solution supplier of pulp molding industry, we provide following services: 1).Turnkey Molded Pulp plant and capacity project 2). Raw material engineering 3). Product researching and analyzing 4). Molded pulp machine designing and manufacturing. 5). Mold and Die set designing and manufacturing 6).Production training and know how transfer Superiorities of our thermoforming machine and product: 1). Pulp dewatering by air vacuum on forming mold then transfer to hot pressing mold for final hot pressing process, no additional oven machine, secondary press machine and conveyer needs. 2). Keep the accurate size and shape without deformation 3). Rigid structure 4). Solid and smooth surface 5). Large mold platen 6). Short production cycle time 7). High production efficiency and capacity 8). Hot press machine are driven by electricity power, no additional gas-fired or oil-fired boiler to provide steam to heat the hot pressing mold 9). Production thickness: 0.5mm ~ 1.3mm 10). Tidy and simple machine structure less operators and working space
Locality : Taiwan and China
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Services : Molded Pulp Product Manufacture &Amp; Turnkey
Services : molded pulp product manufacture & turnkey