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Industry : taoyuan taiwan,DVB-T Antenna,USB Speaker
Description : Establish in 1994, Yi Chang Hsiang (YCH) becomes a leading manufacturer located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Finished products come from our own groups of workforce in house and the semi-finished goods with some materials come from the subcontract factories. Major automatic production machinery of ours includes lathe machines, press machines, and wire-cutting machines … and so on. For quality assurance, Yi Chang Hsiang uses network analyzers, HP 8753C, to examine the antenna products before shipment. In order to conform the EU's RoHS Directive, YCH has its own RoHS test equipment --- Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, TR302, to double check and guarantee the harmlessness of the products to the environment.
There are two obvious trends in the design of antennas. One is for customized, original design; the other is up to our RD group. Quality-assured products have enabled YCH to have a steady growth over these years.The newest product, DVB-T antenna, is the most important index to proof that YCH has expanded not only its product category but also presented the high performance and best quality to reflect the demand of the current market.
At present, YCH ships and manufactures 90 percent of its products overseas on OEM basis. The minimum order is required and set for the products with special design, such as change in colors and appearances. And we keep all models in sufficient stock so as to offer buyers flexible choices in order. Besides the main products of antennas, YCH plans to launch the other kinds of electronic products in the future to enlarge our market share
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Services : antenna