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Description : Thanks to the continuous progress of technology, people cannot stop thinking of new and smarter ways to accomplish their goals. Ansder has assembled a strong R&D team to create the next generation of cosmetic assembly equipment. We have used our guiding principle of finding smarter ways of working to create automated fabricating machines that require a minimum of labour. This will assist producers in reducing labour costs and wasted time, and improving results through a much lower rate of defect. Promoting the market effectiveness of our customers is our top mission.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Magnetic Lipstick Container, Lipgloss Container, Cosmetic Automation, Lipstick Assembly Machine, Compact Assembly Machine, Lipgloss Assembly Machine, Mascara Assembly Machine, Eyeliner Assembly Machine, Leakage Test Machine
Services : magnetic lipstick container, lipgloss container, cosmetic automation, lipstick assembly machine, compact assembly machine, lipgloss assembly machine, mascara assembly machine, eyeliner assembly machine, leakage test machine