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Description : Kuan Teng Automobile Co Ltd was founded in 1976. In 2007, we established Energy Automotive Tek Inc (EATI) to develop and research the the products of fuel saving technology for gasoline and diesel vehicles. The concept of this patented product is to monitor your pedal habit of driving and save the wasted fuel automatically.

The designed theory is to control the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) signal in excess fuel consumption section of IC loop. When driving, the product, Fuel Consumption Actuarial Monitor, will calculate and transmit the best gas injection feedback to the vehicle ECU (Car Computer). In the condition of not losing horsepower, much a little fuel saving can make a mickle with our products.

Patent & Certificate:
Patents- America, Canada, EU, Russia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia,
Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, and Philippines
CESGS Certificate Number - ED/2006/B0006

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