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Description : Newsunup TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD For integration of mechanism, electronic hardware and software R&D company. Since the input optical device development, develop a variety of optical test equipment and CCD detection system, the current positive market development towards dispensing equipment, we have professional equipment, techniques, and because development of advanced technology and understanding of the long-standing market demand, has been successfully developed a variety of automated machinery equipment and systems. The Company of pragmatic spirit, creating a high quality machine, from machine production to delivered to the client, customers started on the line, the production of complete production system concept allows customers are satisfied with the manufacturing process in the system, on throughout the manufacturing quality, manufacturing process of technology-oriented, user interface, generic design considerations, simple, modular design automation. The company's technology, quality, integrity, service, permanently management philosophy. Welcome to the advanced of any test, imaging and automation on the issue may apply to each of。
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Services : Touch Panel Test Equipment
Services : touch panel test equipment