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Company : Nousan Knit Garments Industry

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Country : Bangladesh

Postcode : Dhaka-1100

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Description : With the vision to be internationally the most preferred knitting garments producer, the company started its journey in 2008 as Nousan Knit Garments Industry. Since then, the company has grown with a single-minded focus on consistently delivering quality products on time. With efficiency, quality assurance, commitment, reputation and entrepreneurial edge, the group has managed to maintain a constant growth earning USD 20 million in export revenue. The company has a wide range of products and individual full-fledged production/trading units.

Nousan Knit Garments Industry expansion has been aimed at providing the one-stop solution for the buyers' convenience. It has its own RMG factory as well as knit composite factory. In addition, commodity importing and garments importing is also done by the company itself. Thus, along with buyers' convenience, the company has a greater control over its production which results in its consistent delivery on quality.

The main factory is situated in Fatullah, Narayangonj built on 144,000 sq. ft. of land and equipped with all facilities according to ISO standards. The factory has prioritized world-renowned machineries like the Thies dyeing machine, SANTEX dryer and Caterpillar Generators, among others. With such tools, Cotton Group provides products ranging from T-shirts and sweat shirts to fleece jackets and other heavy knit units in both 100% cotton and blended fabrics. Also, specialized fabrics are imported as per buyers' requirement.

Customer care is of utmost importance to Nousan Knit Garments Industry, which can be seen by its various policies. A management staff of 100 people is given training and short courses through professional management development companies to achieve strong human resource development. This enables the management core to remain up-to-date on their skills.

The consistency in quality may be attributed to the Multi-step quality assurance system which ensures quality of the final product. Furthermore, they have correctly identified timely delivery on order as a key satisfaction component among buyers.

The life of most RMG export-based company depends on its buyers. The aim is to manage repeat orders through maintaining long-term relationship. Most companies still depend on buying houses to find them interested buyers and establish contact. However, Nousan Knit Garments Industry is one of the few exceptions who have multiple groups of dedicated Sales Teams whose aim is to maintain and expand upon the clientele.

Nousan Knit Garments Industry is mainly targeting the European, North and South American market. Specifically, they have achieved vast experience on non-quota items for chain stores, catalogues, hypermarkets and importers. In fact, a team is formed especially for the research and development of their total business system according to insights on global demand patterns. Based on this research, the staff is also informed and trained to update their professional knowledge and the work method of their workplace. That is how the company is confident about delivering quality products to their esteemed customers in the rapidly changing fashion world through creativity and dedicated skilled work force.

As a major player in a sector as labor-intensive as the apparels sector, the labor or working force is given due importance by Nousan Knit Garments Industry. Following ILO's standard practice, the company has strict policies against the use of child labor. In addition, Fire Safety and sanitation and ventilation of factory working space is also according to ISO standards. Once again, Nousan Knit Garments Industry goes beyond the minimum requirement to set up within its factory premise a Medical center and facility and a small Day Care facility for the workers and their children respectively.

Nousan Knit Garments Industry's future expansion plans aims to increase their garments manufacturing, printing, knitting and dyeing capacity. Further plans include consolidating it operations by bringing the production of all packaging and limited accessories like sewing threads and embroidery facilities with its own production facility.

In the end, the phenomenal success of Nousan Knit Garments Industry is no phenomenon at all. The company started early in the industry, getting the first-mover advantage. However, rather than resting on its laurels, it has focused on developing three crucial areas to establish a strong business foundation. They have invested in the best of equipments and a skilled management team with long experience in this sector to achieve credibility through international certification of quality. They have dedicated a sales and quality assurance team in order to correctly identify their clients demand, establish relationships proactively and maintain consistent delivery on time. Most essentially, they have consolidated their operations to control as much of the whole production chain as possible and actively engaged to CSR to create an image of a business both effective and responsible.
CONTACT PERSON Aahmed Manam (Executive Director)
Mobile: 88-01741887449

Services : all kind of knit fabric and garments