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Description : About Veelang
Cooperate with Zhejiang University
Veelang cooperates with Zhejiang University Institute of Optical Engineering and Zhejiang University Institute of Optoelectronic Technology, who are rich in technological manpower and creative abilities.  Committed to high-end environmental online analyzers, platforms with core technology and the key components since the company was founded. ​ R&D Team and Certifications
R&D Team
 Consists of several doctors, masters and bachelors, which accounted for over 95% of the total number. The core members of them have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years.
Awards & Certifications
 Assisting some subsystem of two national "863 Programs" in their R&D works,participates and leads the projects on "rapid detecting technology of multi-parameter on the seabed".  All the core technologies in Veelang have completely independent intellectual property rights and have received many national patents of invention and utility models. 
Brief Introduction of Main Products
UV Series Online Analyzers of Water Quality
 Widely used for monitoring surface water, industrial effluent, sewage and waste water from the animal husbandry or fisheries.  The core technology of UV-VIS online analyzer is based on the UV-VIS absorption spectra, taking the advantages of having good stability and low failure rate, free from interference by chloride ions, almost zero maintenance cost, no secondary pollution.
Heavy Metal Online Analyzer
 Adopting spectrophotometric measurement technology with unique quantitative technique, which is accurate and highly reproducible.
Gas Mixtures Platform
 Adopting the non-dispersive infrared measuring technology to measure the concentration of various gases in the mixed gas accurately and also provided with temperature compensation and atmospheric pressure compensation.
Locality : Sixth floor One building, No.Nine Xiyuan Road Two
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Services : Uv-Vis Online Analyzer, Wall-Mounted Uv On-Line Analyzer, Heavy Metal Online Analyzer
Services : uv-vis online analyzer, wall-mounted uv on-line analyzer, heavy metal online analyzer