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Description : Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. is previous Mengzhou Practical Chemical Institute which was established in 1995 and affiliated to Science and Technology Commission of Mengzhou City. It was restructured and officially changed its name to Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. in 2002. With an area of over 50,000 square meters, Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. is located in Mengzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Henan Province, the golden triangle area between Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Jiaozuo. Several highways cross each other and go through this area, including Changluo Road, Xinxiang–Mengzhou Highway, 207 National Highway, Jiaozuo–Zhengzhou Expressway, Xilian Expressway, Beijing–Shenzhen Expressway and Taiyuan–Macao Expressway. Therefore, the transportation is convenient there.
Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. has a strong scientific and technological strength and more than 200 employees including 10 senior engineers and professors and 62 with intermediate titles. It is a joint-stock company integrating scientific research, development and production and a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province.
For the polydextrose (soluble dietary fiber) intensively researched and developed by our company, we have applied for a national invention patent. It is made from unique pure natural and healthy food and raw materials and has a low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium and other characteristics. Therefore, it has a significant healthy function in regulating human body’s lipid metabolism, lowering cholesterol level, reducing sugar absorption, preventing and controlling constipation, eliminating toxin, beautifying skin, etc. This kind of product has been appraised as ‘a Scientific and Technological Achievement of Henan Province’, ‘a High-tech Product of Henan Province’, ‘Food Containing Special Nutrition’, ‘a Product Promoted by Chinese Health Project in the New Century’, etc. successively and included into Henan provincial and national torch plans.
With new equipment, new process and new R&D achievements, we are able to produce 10,000 tons of non-dairy creamer (coffee mate) products every year. Due to high quality, low price and a complete range of specifications, such products have been sold well all the time. According to national light industrial standards, we can also annually produce10,000 tons ofmaltodextrin which have been launched on the market and well received and favored by customers.
We are committed to provide high-quality products and attach importance to management. Our company has obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System and certificate of HACCP Food Safety Control System respectively, and passed BRC Food Standard Certification and KOSHER Certification in 2006.
Our company is a self-operated import and export enterprise and mainly sells our products to over 10 countries and regions such as the U.S., England, South Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Australia and Malaysia. Our products are also designated as three-year inspection-free products by South Korea.
Based on the concept of “Integrity and Service First”, we have supplied products to domestic food, beverage, medicine, alcohol and other well-known enterprises and been awarded with honors of ‘National Quality Trustworthy Product’, ‘National Quality, Hygiene and Safety Standards' Food’, ‘National Quality Service Consumer Satisfied Enterprise’, and etc. for several times.
To meet domestic and foreign consumers’ demands, we invested RMB20 million in increasing three productions lines each with annual productivity of 15,000 tons in 2004. They all have been completed and put into operation. In addition, we have largely improved the taste and color of our new products, to meet customers’ higher requirements. We are also producing and promoting high-fiber products.
Henan Tailijie Biotech Co., Ltd. will closely cooperate with domestic and foreign consumers by virtual of high-quality products, more favorable price and sincerer service, to jointly make great and glorious achievements!

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Services : polydextrose