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Description : New brand wants to be know by the world? King brand paper trolley will be your strong support! We invented the paper trolley strictly in accord with Italy's client requests! Our King Brand paper trolley enjoys vast popularity across the world due to its features of being assembling-free, foldable and more affordable and promote your brand and impress your customers through different fair or exhibition. The recycle use of the paper trolley could bridge you and your potential customer in the future. Professional makes perfect! We also good at making leaflet, Brochures, Paper Handbags and gift boxes. We offer everything you need for the fair or exhibition. Just give us your design idea.( we could design and show you the sample in 3 days). Let's cooperate and constantly open up a promising future! With competitive price, stable quality and dedicated service. We had business with domestic company. Since the 1990s we made tags for Reebok brand, Bao Yuan shoemaking factory.We also make stickers for wine company. In 2002, we had worked with Blue Ribbon Beer and the News media to hold The First Zhongshan Beer Festival, become the only Web Businesses in the printing industry in zhongshan city. In 2003, we cooperated with some media groups and print some leaflets, posters and tickets for singer's concert. In 2004 we produced imination leather upscale paper suitcase for American. We also manufactured the synopsis for DURO Stone company and baby gard company and made the fine framed picture for Russia. In 2005 we were the gift box supplier for Audi. We also exported special half round house and hemicycle kid's gift boxes to European countries. In 2006 we exploited recycled shopping bag and kraft paper bag which exported to Asia and occident. We exploited color printing laminator KT board for PG company which cost just half of the air brushing. In 2007 We invented the paper trolley and made an appearance on Canton fair and Hongkong trading fair and so on . In 2009, Jianchi went to join the Holland international gift packing exhibition with Generation 2 paper trolley. After that, our multi -recycling paper trolley G301 and G302 were invented in 2010. In 2011, the paper trolley were fixed with the wheels before leaving the factory. It would be pretty convenient for using during the Paris Fair. Our G4 Paper trolley was came out with added advertising space. In March 2012, G4 paper trolley was ordered by different companies from countries like Turkey, Israel, Japan, Munich and Germany. Our King Brand paper trolley was well recognized in the world now. We become the veritable industry leader and rule maker. In 2012, Chinese and Korea enterprise cooperated with us and created a packing box for fragile and dilatant products. With a wealth of experience had led us to deliver more rigorous, more comprehensive professional service for you. .Every step is fulfilled with the improvement of holistic thinking, Machinery equipment and technique.
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Services : paper trolley