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Description : E-Guard Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, India.is a Automated Electronic sensor manuafcturing company that has reached 100,000 customers at more than a quarter million unique locations. Itis used in different locations like Hotels, Appartments, Villas,Offices, Industries, Government sectors etc.

Our mission is to make a world which is full of Automated Systems. And over the last 5 years, our customers have responded with unparalleled loyalty.

We deliver first class services, our customer service is dedicated to provide a 24/7 support to all our customers.

OurResearch & Development professionals identifies and interprets new technology trends and issues, producing more advanced features each year. (2008 - wireless sensors for Tanks)

Automatic Water Level control system

In most houses, water is first stored in an underground tank (UGT) and from there it is pumped up to the overhead tank (OHT) located on the roof. People generally switch on the pump when their taps go dry and switch off the pump when the overhead tank starts overflowing. This results in the unnecessary wastage and sometimes non-availability of water in the case of emergency.

The simple circuit presented here makes this system automatic (Remote control), i.e. it switches on the pump when the water level in the overhead tank goes low and switches it off as soon as the water level reaches a pre-determined level. It also prevents dry run of the pump in case the level in the underground tank goes below the suction level.

Our R&D is making research for new products using Remote contols