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Description : Zhuhai Lunhai Acrylic Product Co. Ltdwas founded in 2008, specializing in manufacturing and sales of Acrylic Products. We have advanced machinery andequipment such as large engraving machine, laser engraving machine, cutting machine, laser marking machine, CNC engraving machine , etc. which importedfrom Taiwan. With years experience in these field, we have a group of" dedication, innovation, loyalty " production team and we investing huge capital in importing advanced equipment and technology every year, which made us in a leading position in the industry both in production technology and strength.
Our product range mainly include: office supplies, household products, hotel supplies, etc.
1) Office supplies are:
acrylic calendar frame, acrylic pen holder ( frame ) , card case, cigarette holder, acrylic frame , folders , storage boxes ,Acrylicwork schedule boards, etc.
2) Household products:
cosmetic display rack, tissue boxes , towel racks , toothbrush ( toothpaste ) frame, acrylic soap dish , cupboards, chopsticks boxes, sushi plate , acrylic coasters, toothpick boxes, fruit plate and so on.
3) Hotel supplies are:
acrylic wine rack , wine cup rack , acrylic photo frame, acrylic shower scream bottle, microphone stands , badges , acrylic cup holders , menu board, drinks board , notice boards, warning boards, etc .
Besides, we could make screen printing on the products. We couldmanufacturemachine panels, acrylic parts on electronic components, test tube stands, electronic display stands, phone display stands, digital products display stands, jewelry display stands, acrylic cosmetic display holder, shoes display rack, acrylic glass display rack, authorization boards and all kinds of non-standard acrylic crafts.
These products are all made from acrylic (plexiglass ) which presently is the most popular material in Europe, Middle East, Korea, Japan.​​It featured as transparent textured as glass, non-toxic, no odor, do not fade, not easy broken, and other excellent features. It is the good replacement of today's glass and plastic products. Our products are in novel style, rich color range. Currently each series has nearly 100 kinds of colors, hundreds of styles, hundreds of varieties of products. Meanwhile, our company is developing new products to better fit and meet customers’ need. We could design and manufacture products in different styles and color according to customers’ requirement.
Recently, our company has cooperated with many famous companies. With the concept of "double-win", we sincerely try our best to provide our customers with quality service.
Our Factory theory:
Business goals: to build a strong brand in acrylic products industry
Factory spirit: hard-working, probity, innovation
Values: customer first, service first
Working principle:do everything good intently
Advantages of Acrylic
1) Impact resistance, acrylic is 200 times stronger than glass, it hardly break.
2) Light transmission, acrylic is 98% transparent and highly crystal.
3) Corrosion resistance.
4) Burning resistance, acrylic won't burn.
5) Acrylic is non-toxic, eco-friendly.
6) Acrylic products are widely used in all aspects of our life.
7) Any shape is available for its plasticity.
8) Insulation performance, for a variety of electrical equipment.
9) Acrylic products are durable and light.
10) Acrylic products are very easy to clean up.
11) Acrylic products are crush proof.
12) High Light Transparency just like Crystal

Our company advantages
1. More than 5 Years OEM Experience in manufacturing
acrylic products.
2. Professional R & D and production teams
3.Advanced technology &equipments, to insure highly quality products (our hydrostatic machine has the ability of making bottle with the thickness up to 60CM
4. Highly skilled manufacturing process.
5. Have a special logistics company, transport by sea and air
6. Good reputation, establish long-term trade relationship with customers.
7. Exported to USA /UK/ Canada / Australia / Korea/ Netherlands /etc.
8. Win-win solution

Locality : 4/F, Building 4, Nanshan Industrial Zone, JiDa Zhu
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Menu Board, Acrylic Calendar Frame, Acrylic Pen Holder ( Frame ) , Card Case, Cigarette Holder, Acrylic Frame , Folders , Storage Boxes , Acrylic Work Schedule Boards, Acrylic Photo Frame, Cosmetic Display Rack, Tissue Boxes , Towel Ra
Services : menu board, acrylic calendar frame, acrylic pen holder ( frame ) , card case, cigarette holder, acrylic frame , folders , storage boxes , acrylic work schedule boards, acrylic photo frame, cosmetic display rack, tissue boxes , towel ra