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Phone : 86-7562286858

Company : Smartway Imaging Co., Limited

Address : Nanping, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Country : China

Postcode : 519000

Fax : 86-7562286853

Mobile : 86-15876654156


Description : Smartway Imaging Co.,Limited is located in Zhuhai of China which is the biggest consumables production base in the world. Our Company is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of ink cartridges, laser toner cartridges, ink, ciss systems, chips and other printer consumables. All of our products comply with international quality standards. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.With the good quality, sincere service and high integrity convinence, our annual sales figure that exceeds USD5, 000, 000 and are currently exporting 80% of our products worldwide. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a customized order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.We supply numerous large remanufactured and new compatible inkjet cartridges with original print heads and OEM inks. Please kindly note brand and item numbers as following: For HP HP15 (C6615D) /HP17 (C6625A) /HP20 (C6614A) /HP21 (C9351AN) / HP22 (C9352AN) HP25 (C51625A) / HP26 (C51626A) / HP27 (C8727AN) / HP28 (C8728AN) / HP29 (C51629A) HP45 (C51645A) / HP49 (C51649A) / HP56 (C6656AN) / HP57 (C6657AN) / HP78 (C6578D/AN) HP92 (C9362WN) / HP93 (C9361WN) / HP94 (C8765WN) / HP95 (C8766WN) / HP96 (C8767WN) HP97 (C9363WN) / HP98 (C9364WN) / HP74 (CB335WN) /HP75 (CB337WN) / HP100 (C9368AN) HP121 (CC640HE) /HP121XL (CC641HE) /HP122 (CC643HE) /HP122XL (CC644HE) HP129 (C9364EE) /HP130 (C8767HE) /HP131 (C9362HE)/HP132 (C9362HE) /HP134 (C9363HE) HP135 (C8766HE) /HP136 (C9361HE) HP140 (CB335HE) / HP140XL (CB336HE) HP141 (CB337HE) /HP141XL (CB338HE) /HP342 (C9363EE) /HP343 (C8766EE) /HP344 (C9363EE) HP336 (C9362EE) /HP337 (C9364EE) /HP338 (C9362EE) HP339 (C8767EE) HP350 (CB335EE) HP350XL (CB336EE) /HP351 (CB337EE) /HP351XL (CB338EE) /HP300 (CC640EE) BK HP300XL (CC641EE) BK /HP300 (CC643EE) 3C/HP300XL (CC644EE) 3C/HP816 (C8816AN) HP817 (C8817AN) /HP855 (C8766ZZ) /HP853 (C8767ZZ) HP857 (C9363ZZ) /HP858 (C9369ZZ) HP99 (C9363WN) /HP860 (CB335ZZ) /HP861 (CB337ZZ) /HP860XL (CB336ZZ) HP861XL (CB338ZZ) HP901 HP901HP100 (C9368AN) /HP60 (CC640WN) BK HP60XL (CC641WN) BK/HP60 (CC643WN) 3C/HP60XL (CC644WN) 3C/HP818 (CC640ZZ) BK HP818XL (CC641ZZ) BK/HP818 (CC643ZZ) 3C/HP818XL (CC644ZZ) 3C For Lexmark 10N0016/ 10N0017/ 10N0026/ 10N0027/ 15M0120/ 12A1970/ 17G0050/ 12A1975/ 12A1980 17G0060/ Lexmark 32/ Lexmark 33 For branded: BX3/BC-3/BX20/BC20/BC-05/BC-02/PGI-5 BK/CLI-8 BK/CLI-8 C/CLI-8 M/CLI-8 Y For Samsung M10/M40/M45/M80/M30/M90/M50/C30/C40/C50/C85 For Lenovo Lenovo 11B/ Lenovo6002C/Lenovo 6001B/Lenovo 13C For Brother LC47/LC900/LC950 BK/LC47/LC900/LC950 C/M/Y LC51/LC57/LC960/LC1000
Locality : No.16,Nanquan Road
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Ink Cartridge, Cartridge, Ink, Toner Cartridge, New Compatible Cartridge, Remanufacture CartridgeÏ&Frac14;?Ciss, Toner Powder
Services : ink cartridge, cartridge, ink, toner cartridge, new compatible cartridge, remanufacture cartridge�ciss, toner powder