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Description : Shenzhen JYO(HK) Optoelectronic CO.,LTD. was founded in 2009, is a leading LED optoelectronic integrated operational services company, focused on LED lighting product development,production, sales and services, is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions,sell to America, UK, Italy
, Australia , Brazil,Russia, Spain,Japan , more than 100 countries and regions across the country more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, is a national high-tech enterprises. Mainly in the semiconductor (LED) lighting products (LED track lightings, led grow lights,led tubes,led aquarium light, led spot light,led bulbs, etc) and more lighting products research and produce. All products are key projects in the country and widely used. ISO9000 standardized operation has been five years, the product passed the CE, ROHS ,FCC and PSEcertification. The company is located in Shenzhen,Guangdong an independent plant, an area of 12,000 square meters, beautiful environment, clean and comfortable.

After five years of development, with strong economic strength, training, and brought together a large team of technical personnel, the establishment of a domestic power type LED products leading automated production lines, supply and marketing channels, with nearly one hundred suppliers a good relationship, has been in twenty countries around the world signed a product sales agent contract, the domestic sales network are densely deployed, blowout sales are to the rapid development of plans after 5-10 years of efforts to build the company into a value of listed companies over ten billion semiconductor lighting, energy saving mankind and lighting make a significant contribution to the second revolution.

Advanced management philosophy and corporate culture, the development of the company has provided a powerful driving force. "Continuous innovation, quality and efficient, people-oriented, customer first," which is the company's operating philosophy, which is also the corporate culture. Carried out with the leading technology innovation, the company's destiny into their own hands. Efficiently produce high quality products, access to better economic and social benefits, strengthen the enterprise's economic strength, full of love, care personnel training, to provide customers with quality services, which are adhering to the purpose and core business, the only way that enterprises can develop and grow, and remain invincible.

Strong technical team for the development and expansion of the company has laid a solid foundation. The company also brought together the optical, thermal, structure, hardware, software, engineering United States and other high-end multi-disciplinary technical personnel, the establishment of the enterprise technology development center and a photo lab. Nearly a variety of optical design software for the products of modern design, to provide advanced scientific methods, the company developed high-power LED products in the 2008 national semiconductor lighting products and the application of innovation contest "Product Innovation Award", "Best Choice Award "" Innovation Award Finalist "three awards, which is the Pearl River Delta's LED manufacturers in the clouds and the country the only enterprise of this award.
Sophisticated technology and equipment for large-scale production of semiconductors (LED) lighting products to open the breakthrough. After several years of research and development, and famous manufacturers in the active digestion and improve the imported technologies, the company's products unique distinct characteristics. High-power LED package eutectic establishment of automated production lines, filling the domestic blank, high-quality, large-scale production of semiconductors (LED) lighting products and laid a solid foundation and reliable protection. High-power LED packaging technology eutectic, secondary optics with light technology, the modular cooling technology, highlights the company's strong competitive advantage for semiconductor (LED) lighting products manufacturer has provided valuable experience to create the only model.

Start a business is operating a small community, we would like in all sectors of government under the correct leadership, hand in hand with the industry's lofty ideals, innovative, energy saving for the great cause of mankind and make contributions to creating a miracle of led lighting industry.

Locality : shenzhen,china
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Services : Led Grow Light, Led Aquarium Light, Led Canister Light , Led Tube Light, And Intelligent Switch
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