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Industry : ;Lactic Acid;Prevention;probiotics
Description : Bioforte is a biotechnology company established by the biologists and focuses on the utilization of biotech in the field of feed and feed additives. So far, the main products line include the feed acidifiers series, probiotics coposed of single heat-killed lactic acid bacterium and its metabolic products. The feed acidifiers have three classes products such as common Bio-Citro, ProBio-Citro and ProBio-Citro II special for premixer. Furthermore, each calss of acidifier have powder and granular selection. It is effective in the prevention of diarrhea and intestine-related disease prevention, growth promotion. The probiotic product---Bio-Lacto is a liquid fermentation product of lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus. In addition, the main ingredients of Bio-Lacto includs heat-killed cells of lactic acid bacteria, bacteriocin-like substance and other fermentation products. Its main character is to prevent and treat diarrhea and intestine-related disease. On the other hand, the immune system stimulation is another feature.
Category : Lactic Acid,Prevention,probiotics