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Company : Xiadaifang Underwear Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 2 Industrial Zone, Gurao Town, Chaoyang, Guang

City : Shantou

Fax : 86-661-7613288

Website : http://www.xiadaifang.com/


Description : We have been developing and expanding our Xiadaifang line of lingerie since 1991. Using advanced technology from Taiwan, we can provide you with quality brassieres, lingerie, panties, corsetry, and swimwear. Aside from creating for our own brands, we are also doing OEM orders for companies based in Taiwan and the UK. At present, we are building a new 6, 000 square meter facility to expand our capabilities. OEM orders or agents are most welcome. Send us your inquiries today.
Industry :
  • Apparel
  •    ∟ Sportswear
  •      ∟ Swimwear & Beachwear
  •    ∟ Underwear
  •      ∟ Ladies' Panties