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Description : Incorporating with pig farming, hog casings production and export, rubber vibration absorber for vessels and automobiles as well as R & D and production for parts, Sanguan Group is a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province. Sanguan Casings Factory was set up in 1993, which is the original base of Sanguan Group with 88 million RMB of assets. For years, we have always adhered to the enterprise spirits of "honesty, harmony, innovation and development". With management ideas of "honesty oriented, winning market with high quality and customers first", we take the path of integrating agriculture, industry and commerce with support of the local government. Guiding by the principles of "grasping opportunities, people oriented, advancing with times and highly speed development", we have grown gradually from nothing and constantly strengthened as a Group. Sanguan Group has three subsidiaries, including Huaining Sanguan Industrial Company, Huaining Sanguan Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui King Science Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. Sanguan Industrial Company is located in Mamiao town, Anqing, Anhui Province, with an area of 20 acres. Engaging in hog casings production and exportation for years, the company has strong capacity of processing and production. As a leading natural casings processing and agricultural products exporting base in Anhui, our products have been exported to some European and American countries and enjoy great popularity. Sanguan Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Gaohe Town, Anqing, Anhui Province, with an area of 148 acres. Lvyuan plant as its subordinate occupied 33 acres and fatten hogs more than 20 thousands annually. From 2002, the plant has been evaluated by the Department of Commerce as the base of state reserves for meat and living stock . Anhui King Science Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. was set up in Jan. of 2008 with the total investment of 21.89 million Yuan and put into production in Aug. of that year. It is located in the local industrial zone with 50.5 acres. The company specializes in vibration absorber and noise reduction, making endeavor in R&D for rubber vibration absorber of vessels and automotives. Over the years, Sanguan Industrial Company has passed the evaluation of 77/99/EEC and ISO9001 Quality Management System certifications and got independent import and export rights. The Group has established and improved the system of the whole process of quality control and certification from raw materials purchase, processing control products inspection to packing and transportation as well as sales service, realizing the connection to the international standard in quality control and certification. Through strengthening the inner management and building the powerful enterprise image, taking pragmatic measures and innovation, the Group is now spreading out rapidly. Looking forward to the future, the Group will base on the enterprise culture of honesty, grace, respect, cooperation, share, and innovation, attracting people with the culture, managing employees with the system, perfecting life with the brand. All staff members will strive for the grand goal of developing a stronger Group.
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Salted Hog Casings, Plastic And Rubber Production
Services : salted hog casings, plastic and rubber production