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Description : We're one professional supplier for railway train , marrine and aircraft in China. And we are exporting parts and materials for interior decoration for these fields.Here we contact your company to see if we can cooperate together in the near future. Here we introduce our melamine foam(the same as BASF's BASOTECT material) , this is a flexible, open cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. The outstanding properties of Basotect are its high sound-absorption capacity, flame-retardant characteristics, high-temperature resistance, low weight and thermal insulation. it is used in a variety of applications and industries (i.e. construction & industry, automotive, transportation and consumer i.e. cleaning) due to its excellent properties. it can be installed quickly and simply since it is lightweight and free of mineral fibers. We can offer the max thickness is 500MM.and the color is white, gray, light gray. And also make them according to the request of customers. Melamine foam: we offer it whose one side covered one layer of Aluminium foil and another side with gummed paper to stick. It is used for sound absorption, thermal protection and insulation. So it is covered outboard of wind channel, and also used wall inside and roof of railway carriage and also used for seat. Our melamine raw material foam max size:1000mm*2500mm*500mm, max thickness:500mm, and to processors that produce shaped part for diverse applications by cutting, stamping and pressing.Of course we also offer finished parts according to our customers. Our silicon foam: [Size Specification (mm)] Min Length:Unlimited Max Length:Unlimited Min Width:Unlimited Max Width:1600 Min Height(thickness): 1.0 Max Heightï¼�thickness): 30.0 Color: Translucence, Dark Red, Pink, Grey, Black, Milk White etc What we produce on special demand l Low / High hardness silicone sponge/foam sheet l Self adhesive / PSA silicone sponge/foam sheet â�  Double-sided glue (tolerate 80 centigrade degree) â�¡ 3M glue (tolerate 140 centigrade degree) â�¢ Special anti-heat back glue (tolerate 200 centigrade degree) l Flame retardant silicone sponge/foam sheet l Low density silicone sponge/foam sheet l Perforation silicone sponge/foam sheet A. Easy machining it is s supplied in the form of foam blocks to processors for further processing. This is where the product is cut into multi-dimensional shapes by slitting, milling, sawing and stamping to form the required contour.The elastic resilience of the foam panels also allows the use of shaped cutting. B. Coating, bonding Surface coatings for coloring purposes or for improving the mechanical properties can easily be applied to the fine-cell its surface by spraying, for example. By the same token, a very wide range of adhesives commonly available on the market can be used for bonding its sections. Adhesives containing solvents as well as reactive resins can also be used without any problem. This means that numerous material combinations are possible. It should be kept in mind, however, that processing withadhesives and dyes changes the flammability properties of the components. C. Hydrophobing, oleophobing It is an extremely open-cell foam with highly hydrophilic and oleophilic properties. Cut sections of our foam can be rendered waterrepellent by impregnating them in silicon emulsions. Fluorocarbon resins allow hydrophobing and oleophobing in one single step. It is practical to carry out the hydrophobing and oleophobing in an impregnation process. D. Impregnating Numerous our foam shaped parts are produced by thermoforming.Since conventional our foam, a thermoset polymer, cannot be thermoformed, the product has to be impregnated with a thermally reactive adhesive liquid. This is done in post-production using so-called impregnating systems. In order to accelerate drying, the excess liquid is squeezed out by a two-roll mill after impregnation. The impregnated foam can then be processed by thermoforming. E. Thermoforming Composite materials consisting of a its core and felt, fabric, metal and plastic laminates can be manufactured in one new forming procedure. The hot-press process can also be used to emboss decorative patterns on the surface of its panels.Intensive research work has led to the development of a thermoformable grade . Sections cut from it can be formed at a temperature of > 200 �°C to produce three-dimensionally shaped components. This dispenses with the impregnation step that is needed with standard its grades in order to produce such shaped parts. This means greater cost-effectiveness in the processing steps. Along with the fact that it can be thermoformed without a preceding impregnation step, it also has the proven material properties of the standard grade.ards. F. Processing notes Any dust that might be produced during certain processing steps should be removed by vacuum directly at the cutting site. Wearing a dust mask during these tasks is recommended. Due to the absorption behavior of melamine resin and the open-cell structure of the foam, the moisture content of the material changes with the ambient conditions. This is associated with changes in dimensions that occur similarly in the case of wood, concrete or clay tiles.This behavior must be taken into consideration during processing. The foam blocks, which are delivered sealed in PE film, must be unpacked and stored for several days prior to processing under atmospheric conditions corresponding to the blocksâ�� later use.
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