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Description : Qingdao Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier , manufacturer and exporter of high-quality inflatable boats and fiberglass yachts. Our company is devoted to provide "safe, healthy, comfortable , durable and environment-friend " boats to our clients . Qingdao Lian Ya Boat Co., Ltd. is a professional inflatable boats and rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB or RIBs) manufacturer in China. We can offer good quality inflatable boats(have EU CE certificate) with competitive price and hope to establish business relationship with your compay. Our main inflatable boats models include foldable and portable inflatable boats, rigid hull inflatable boats (RHIB), ***** semi rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), fiberglass boat, yacht, motor boat, sport boat, rescue boat, hypalon boat, pvc boat, pleasure boat, dinghy, tender, river boat, raft boat, banana boat, canoe and towable boat. �????�???�??�?�°�???�??�?�´�????�???�??�?�²�???�??�?�½�????�???�??�?�µ �???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�´�???�??�?�º�???�??�?�¸, �???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�´�???�??�?�º�???�??�?�¸ RIB, �????�???�??�?�µ�???�??�?�±�???�??�?�µ�????, RIBcraft, �????�????�???�??�?�¥ �???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�´�???�??�?�º�????, �???�??�?�³�???�??�?�¸�???�??�?�¿�???�??�?�°�???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�½ �???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�´�???�??�?�º�????, �???�??�?�´�???�??�?�¾�????�????�???�??�?�³ �???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�´�???�??�?�º�???�??�?�°, �???�??�?�¿�????�???�??�?�¾�???�??�?�³�????�???�??�?�»�???�??�?�¾�????�???�??�?�½�????�???�??�?�¹ �???�??�?�º�???�??�?�°�????�???�??�?�µ�????, �????�???�??�?�¿�???�??�?�°�????�???�??�?�°�????�???�??�?�µ�???�??�?�»�????�???�??�?�½�????�???? �????�???�??�?�»�????�???�??�?�¿�???�??�?�º�????, �????�???�??�?�µ�???�??�?�±�???�??�?�µ�????, RHIB Bateau semi-rigide, bateau pneumatique semi-rigide, bateau pneumatique, RHIB, bateau de loisirs, bateaux de plaisance, bateaux PVC, Hypalon bateau, bateau pneumatique d'appel d'offres RIB boot, Rigid Inflatable Boat, opblaasbare boot, RIB, Vrije tijd boot, pleziervaartuigen, PVC boot, Hypalon boot, opblaasbare boot inschrijving RIB Boot, Festrumpf-Boot, Schlauchboot, RHIB, Freizeit Boot, Vergn�???�??�?�¼gensboot, PVC-Boot, Hypalon Boot, Schlauchboot Ausschreibung Our inflatable boat can be used for racing, sight-seeing, pleasure and leisure, rescue, petrolling, water surfing, water skiing, water diving, heavy duty and commercial use. Both luxury and economical boats models are available. Now our main market are in Europe, America and Oceania. We also have market in Asia and Africa.
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