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Phone : 86-531-88891177

Company : Miracle CNC Machinary Co., LIMETED

Address : Shandong Jinan Licheng district, zip 250001 China

Country : China

City : Jinan

Fax : 86-531-82965566


Description : The founders of Miracle CNC Machinery Co. Limited have been in CNC line since 2006.  Miracle is located in Jinan City, China. Owing to its professional and reliability, we continuously focus on the development of Computer Numerical Control equipment with high speed and accuracy, including CNC router, Laser cutters and plasma cutting machines.Miracle machines are widely used in different fields, such as woodworking, metal mold, advertisement, gift production and so on.Due to the full implement of CE quality management and quality assurance, our processing can meet the international standards.We always do our best to progress the whole process of inspection and control.Our brand is important and at Miracle we strive to make the company better in every way possible.We strive toward exemplary customer satisfaction, employee career fulfillment and corporate citizenship. We surely believe that with our efforts, Miracle will yield long-term benefit for our brand, employees and customers.We at Miracle are committed to providing excellent products and services.Sincerely look forward to building cooperation with you!

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Industry :
  • Business Services
  •    ∟ Advertising
  •    ∟ Brokerage, Intermediary Service
  • Electrical Equipment & Supplies
  •    ∟ Batteries
  •    ∟ Other Electrical Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Processing Machinery
  •    ∟ Apparel Machinery
  •    ∟ Machine Tools