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Company : Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Int'l Co., Ltd.

Address : No. 169 Bayi Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China

Country : China

Website : http://www.dhidcw.com


Description : In 2011, DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd. was listed in Stock market in China, and the listed name is Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Dalian Huarui Hevy Industry International Co., Ltd. is a solely subsidiary and member of DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd., who is in charge of self-supporting and substituting all kinds of products of Group Company and technique import and export operations. It has the qualification of undertaking and managing foreign projects.
Founded in 2001, DHI.DCW, as a large-scale, modern heavy industry, was formed
through recombination of two tremendous companies, i.e. Dalian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (DHI) and Dalian Crane Works (DCW).
Before the merger, both DHI and DCW had already been among the list 520 key
enterprises and top 10 heavy industries of China. The economic running indexes of
DHI kept ranking the first in Chinese heavy machinery industries. DCW was the
leading crane manufacturer in China.
After foundation of new China, the companies created hundreds of No.1 cases and records in Chinese industrial history. They produced a large quantity of products then urgently needed by national industrialization and modernization, such as metallurgical machines, bulk material handling machines, cranes, port machines and other products, which are classified in more than 10 categories and over 2000 kinds.
As the leading manufacturers, the companies drew up many company standards,
which later became parts of Chinese National Standard (GB System) for the
respective products.
The enterprises provided more than 2,4 million tons equipment to meet the need of
national defense and national economy. In this way, they provided staunch support to many national key projects, such as the construction of Anshan Iron & Steel Works, Wuhan Steel Works, Shanghai Bao-Steel, Qinhuangdao Port, Shanghai Port, Beiliang Port, Three Georges Project, Xichang Satellite Launching Center, Jiuquan Satellite Launching Center, etc. Export covered 38 countries and regions across the world, such as Japan, U.S., Australia and Russia.
At the same time, the companies supplied over 18,000 various cadres and
professionals to all the parts of the country.
In 2011, DHI􀁧DCW Group Co., Ltd. was listed in Stock market in China, and the listed name is Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.
The so-called recombination is not simply moving two things together. Its much more. As a decision by Dalian State-owned Assets Management Bureau, Dalian Economic Development Committee and Dalian Industry Committee, aiming to optimize state assets and industrial deployment, the recombination has incorporated the concept of restructuring, relocation, refinancing, expansion, renewal of equipments, integration of resources, renovation of management, information technology application, and other considerations.
DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd is a diversified global heavy industry facility manufacturer.Nowadays, it supplies facilities and machining parts to AVODALE shipyard in North America, CORUS UK LIMITED in United Kingdom, Alston in France, CORUS in Holland, SMS Demag; SIEMENS in Germany, BURIMEC SPA in Italy, BHP in Australia, IUK; Mitsubishi; IHI in Japan, Vale in Brazil and TATA, JSW SAIL in India etc.
The company has one headquarter, five bases, which are Quanshui Manufacturing Base, the modernized heavy equipment manufacturing base that is bordering the sea, Zhongge wind power, heat machining and key components Manufacturing Base, Lvshun specialized manufacturing base, DD Port Manufacturing Base, which is a Hi-Tec components development specialized center, and Wa Fangdian wind power, large cast iron components manufacturing base. Among which, Quanshui seaside base has two self use 5000dwt wharves, 107 sets world-class advanced machining equipments and a large open seaside product general assembly area of 229,000 square meters with a 260t portal crane.
The headquarters of DHI.DCW Group Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Fujianzhuang Beach of Dalian, which is the enterprise investment and decision center, management center, technical development and research center, and trade center.
The old company sites in downtown area were evacuated and outlet. Much larger modernized factory buildings were constructed in suburb. During the recombination
process, with the difference of land prices, and special fund provided by the state at discount interest, over 2 billion Yuan was invested in infra construction and equipment renewal. This made it possible for the company to build very large, modernized factory buildings fully equipped with vast quantity of highly sophisticated, masterpiece equipment representing the latest generation of manufacturing technologies, at most favorable geographic locations.

Business Scope
a) Manufacturing, installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment;
b) Supplying spare parts, manufacturing metal products and metal structures;
c) Manufacturing tools and molds;
d) Metal surface treatment and heat treatment;
e) Manufacturing and contract manufacturing of mechanical/electrical equipment
and components;
f) Developing real estate;
g) Transportation, storage, labor services and training;
h) Commercial trade, export business;
i) Overall contracting engineering project;
j) Tenancy of mechanical/electrical equipment, technical development and
k) Computer application;
(Special business is limited for specific subsidiary companies to operate within
permitted scope.)

Locality : Dalian, China
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Metallurgical Machinery, Port Machinery, Crane, Bulk Material Handling Equipment
Services : metallurgical machinery, port machinery, crane, bulk material handling equipment

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