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Description : Advances of the society in today�s world, from rustic to modern, in-door to out-door literally demanded a higher standard of living life style. Thus, Modern lighting designed just to serve the purpose of illumination will hardly be acceptable anymore. Modern lighting has incorporated the concept of elegant appearances, vibrant multi-colored effects and illuminations controlled by different types of intelligence programmable systems to light up the night for display. iSource Engineering continues to innovate to develop new LEDs lighting design concept, integrates traditional and modern ideas creating energy saving unique characteristic, LEDs illuminations for various general and specific in-door and out-door lighting applications, designed to light up Museums, Hotels, The people�s square, Cultural Squares, Industrial Parks, Gardens & Parks, Streets, Pedestrian walking street, Scenic Spots, Stadiums, Megamall, Office Tower etc� iSource Engineering sales network covered domestic market, export to Asean countries, The Middle-East and Europe, and other regions, supplying superb high quality LEDs energy saving lighting products to provide users with a great satisfaction. Participation of all isource Engineering�s staffs, dealers, suppliers and international counterpart is a provision to the accomplishment of the goals set in the Solid State Lighting Industry. Inspired by the corporate�s mission, vision and objectives, iSource Engineering set to be the top dominant force in domestic LEDs lighting market in 2011 and to be important player in the international LEDs lighting industry in 2015, because a bright light of every household worldwide and contributes to the reduction of emissions, energy conservation, eventually turn out to be an important assets to the society.
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