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Description : We specialize in producing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE)materials, pipes & pipe fittings, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite pipes, rubber lined pipes, plastic lined pipes, desulfurization tubes, diameter from 65mm-800mm, thickness from 8mm-38mm, our products apply with ASTM and ISO9001 standard and we're one of the largest UHMW producer in China. Moreover, we have the capability of designing, surveying, and installing pipeline projects for clients. UHMW PE Features Compare with Other Pipelines: 1. Extremely high abrasive resistance: Its abrasive resistance property is the best in all present plastics, even better than that of many metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, brass etc.. ). Its abrasive resistance is 4-7 times higher than steel, 10 times that of polyethylene, polypropylene, 2.3 times of PEâ?¦ 2. High impact resistance: at normal temperatures its impact resistance is 2 times of PC, 5 times of ABS, 8 times of POM and PBT, over 10 times of PE100. 3. High corrosion resistance: It can withstand hydrochloric acid with less than 80% concentration 4. High-pressure resistance: The working pressure is between 0.2Mpa to 4.0Mpa 5. Good self-lubrication: Its self-lubrication is better than steel or brass with oil, not easy to scale 6. The unique resistance to low temperature: It can be used from -269 to 80 degrees Celsius. 7. Not easy to form dirt: It doesn't form dirt in the medium with pH value of 9 or above 8. Long life-span: It can maintain more than 70% mechanical properties after it is buried and used for 50 years. 9. Easy installation: The weight of unit length of UHMWPE pipe is only one-eighth of the steel pipe, it is possible whether it is welded or connected by flange. Applications: 1.transport powder and coal ash in thermal power plant; 2.transport mine tailings and slurry, metallurgical mines, in the mining industry; 3.transport pulverized coal and coal-water slurry of coal plant; ...
Locality : Luoyang
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Uhmw-Pe Material, Uhmw Pe Pipes, Uhmw Tubing, Rubber Lined Pipes, Plastic Lined Pipes, Uhmw Composite Pipes, Upe
Services : uhmw-pe material, uhmw pe pipes, uhmw tubing, rubber lined pipes, plastic lined pipes, uhmw composite pipes, upe