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Company : Xinxiang Bashan Nut Ltd

Address : china, Xinxiang, Henan, China

Country : China


Description : Xinxiang Bashan nut Ltd., affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation SIA Group Bashan (state-owned No.540 Factory), has more than 50 years, since the company has been focused on since the construction of wire thread insert, metal wire, filters and development and production of deep-processed products, is the first to participate in the development and production of wire thread insert, filter products, large state-owned military enterprises, is the current domestic production of wire thread insert, filter products technical capabilities of the strongest, most complete specifications, best quality and largest specialized manufacturers, is the military wire thread insert, designated units filter, also wire thread insert National Military Standard ( GJB119.1A ~ GJB119.4A-2001 ,GJB5107 ~ 5110-2002 ), beacon ( ~ 5516-1996 HB5513 , HB6200 ~ 6202-1989 ), filter GB, beacon ( GB / T5330-2003 ,HB1862-93 ) and other technical standards of the main drafting unit.
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Services : Wire Thread Insert
Services : wire thread insert