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Description : OKKO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is the eagle, a professional security products manufacturer. Specializing in the production and sale of wireless home burglar alarm, burglar alarm cable works, car burglar alarm, home lighting control, video surveillance equipment, Internet services, online alarm. Excellent product quality, performance, safety and reliability, and replacement for one year, five-year warranty. Directly with your nearest sales or technical service center network, our professional sales staff or technical staff to contact you within 24 hours and site services. Our products are: GSM alarm system, telephone dial-up alarm system, intelligent home control and alarm systems, commercial wireless intelligent home burglar alarm systems, infrared detectors, smoke detectors, gas detectors, infrared detectors on the radio and so on. Products used in residential, factory, family, military and other fields, a solid development of strong technical, continuous introduction of innovative products is making companies continue to rise to a new level, to provide more innovative security products. With strong research and development company and production capacity, the enterprise also produces a full range of spherical shield, quick one machine, matrix, such as monitoring products, access control attendance, card, hotel door locks and other companies existing traditional products to meet the new and old customers the needs of the spirit of teamwork and innovation in the company's self-motivation, the companies in these areas are constantly improving, the emergence of new products to sunrise of the state, spring tide of the potential, for the Chinese security industry in the world market show the presence of national enterprises. Company "quality first, service first" business philosophy, and serve to provide advanced, high-quality security products, you become a loyal friend and trustworthy partner.
Locality : Block D,Quan yuanfa Industrial Area, Zhucun, Guanl
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Services : Alarm System, Security System, Home Alarm, Car Alarm, Door Alarm, , Window Alarm, Infrared Alarm, Spot Alarm System, Phone Alarm System, Dual Network Alarm System, Gsm Alarm, Cellular Home Security, Alarm, Home Alarm System, Alarm Accessories
Services : alarm system, security system, home alarm, car alarm, door alarm, , window alarm, infrared alarm, spot alarm system, phone alarm system, dual network alarm system, gsm alarm, cellular home security, alarm, home alarm system, alarm accessories