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Company : Nanjing Xinshuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address : Eastern Yuhua Road 18, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Country : China

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Description : Nanjing Xinshuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China and established itself as a contract manufacture of supplying stainless steel pipe, alloy pipe, thick-walled centrifugal casting pipe with large caliber, radiant tube, furnace roller, herth roll, sink roll, heat resistant roller, centrifugal casting pipe machine and mould, heat treatment furnace accessories, etc. The products are used in various industrial applications such as metallurgy industry, architecture industry, paper industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry and so on. Also we can supply high silicon cast iron anodes of all types and sizes. All our products supplied are from finest quality raw materials that make our products highly reliable and dependable. And the products are highly admired by customers for their superior quality and highly demanded in the market. With the prime motive and hard work our company has seen the face of success in leaps and bounds. Moreover, we aim to provide utmost satisfaction to customers in terms of quality and services.

We have set up a long-term and friendly cooperation with major steel plants after years of successful experience in domestic and abroad. Such as Bao Steel, Lanzhou Petrochemical are our customers. We have received various positive feedbacks from our customers that have further helped us in enhancing our customer base. Last but not the least, our products are priced reasonably that can be availed easily in the market.
Locality : Nanjing
Category : Business Type:Manufacturing
Services : Centrifugal Casting Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe, Radiant Tube, Heat Resistant Roller , Alloy Roller, High Silicon Cast Iron Anode, Centrifugal Casting Pipe Mould, Forging, Roller, Alloy Pipe, Steel Pipe, Centrifugal Casting Pipe Machine
Services : centrifugal casting pipe, stainless steel pipe, radiant tube, heat resistant roller , alloy roller, high silicon cast iron anode, centrifugal casting pipe mould, forging, roller, alloy pipe, steel pipe, centrifugal casting pipe machine